Arvind Eye Care

“There is no better way to thank God for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark”
-Helen Keller
In order to ensure that ‘Aravind Eye Care’ continues with its noble endeavor and promise of delivering hope, happiness and color to life of people by providing eye cataract treatment at a very affordable cost. The management should take into consideration following suggested decision to deliver on its promise.
The management should have tie-ups with local eye centers, clinics, and hospitals across India and other nations. This will enable them to source information of those patients who are seeking cure for sight at affordable cost and therefore higher number of patients can be treated.

As the company has a manufacturing facility to produce IOL at very cheap rates, the management should sell these units to various parts of the country and exports to other regions in Asia and Africa. This will help them to enable sell IOL at a very low rates as compared to the ones prevalent in the market.

They should set-up ophthalmology institutes across India to ensure that there is quality education imparted to aspiring ophthalmologists.   This will eventually result in increasing the number of quality doctors and nurses available for the nation and thus reduce the parity/poor doctor-to-patient ratio.    

They should persuade and seek approval from government to obtain subsidy/rebates on the taxes paid on various imported eye medical equipment’s, and medicines to enable people to buy medicines at a cheaper rate across the nation.

The management should enter into mutual liaison with MNC’s and other body corporates to seek a fixed percentage of their revenue as a pledge to donate towards this cause. This will generate constant funding/donations to help ‘Aravind Eye Care’ promote their vision and promise.

Aravind Eye Care should design programs and initiatives (like ‘Teach for India’) to train aspiring nurses and...