Arugmentative Paper on Sex

      Sexual intercourse is too exposing among most teens. This activity has effect on music- videos, books, and advertisement in magazines. Sexual activities are happening mostly within younger generation of society. Many people would say, “Sex is what is in”. Either you are having sex or you are not having sex.” Some believe people should wait to have sex until marriage, but others believe in practicing safe sex or that unprotected sex is ok.
      “When people speak of “safe sex” today, they are referring to abstinence, contraception, or sexual play. These methods avoid transmitting an STD or an unplanned pregnancy” (Epigge/Guide).   Problems in high percentage of pregnancy and diseases are avoided by safely protecting yourself. Having sex can lead to responsibilities that a committed relationship should handle; which most of the young adults and teenagers are not capable of handling.
  Some reasonable explanations why people may participate in having unprotected sexual intercourse may be: some action that viewed on television may lure women to have unprotected sex and not to be afraid of the consequence; women involved in the relationship are inexperienced and is easily swayed by words; women believe that the man that she is currently in a relationship with is her life; women may believe that if she become pregnant, the man will take full responsibility; and women could have been drinking and smoking illegal drugs, which could lead to unprotected sex (drug/safe-sex).

      However, should the male or female be responsible for sex?   Both the male and female should be responsible and reliable for the consequence of sex, in order to have proper intercourse. Therefore both should be held accountable for sexual relations. That may be true because men are not always the ones who go after sex first. “Forty-five (45%) percent of the men say that they are mainly the one who start the flow of the moment, but sometimes the woman can be more aggressive than...