Essay Plan
Outline the ways in which Rubbish can be said to have a value in consumer society.


Paragraph 1

Paragraph 1
Outline = describe the main points/features
Rubbish =   What is rubbish  it is Waste or rejected matter; anything worthless; valueless stuff; trash
Rubbish something that is not wanted by anyone it can be said to have no value or even zero value something that is worthless

Value =  A term which can refer how useful something is. It can also refer to 'norm' or principle of what is right and wrong. Define this concept as value can take on different forms & meanings.
Consumer society - A label used to refer to a society which is defined as much by how and what people purchase and use as by what they make or do. define this concept.

Firstly I will look and see if rubbish and  see how it is a massive part of our consumer society of today.
Explain wasting – An activity or process to use 

can be valued in a consumer society. In this essay I will look at rubbish which is generated as part of of social life, how rubbish and its stability within society   

links between afflunce, consumtion and waste
Are levels of mass consumption substainable?

Main body of the essay

Paragraph 2
Outline Bauman's argument using his set of concepts - 'the seduced' and 'the repressed' - and show how they help to organize and structure the following claims.

  1. Divisions in a consumer society are determined by access to consumption and the ability to use consumption to shape one's identity 

  2. Membership and belonging in a consumer society is defined by the ability to spend, by car ownership and mobility 

  3. Exclusion from consumer society is defined by the inability to consume effectively and a lack of belonging 

Paragraph 3
Present the evidence to support Bauman's argument.
Peter Jackson's study of retail parks