Artificial Intelligence

The moment we trust artificial intelligence is the moment our
civilisation collapses. Agree/Disagree
In today’s society, artificial intelligence is becoming a huge necessity for the commercial sector’s
advancement. Artificial intelligence or AI, is when computers simply mimic human behavior that
would be regarded as intelligent if a human being was to do it. In todays world, humans are
becoming more dependent on artificial intelligence than ever before. The Computer revolution is
influencing our everyday lives from the way letters are written to the ways in which banks,
governments, aviation and manufacturing function. The development of artificial intelligence
forms just a small percentage of the computer revolution and how society deals with it, learns
and incorporates artificial intelligence. It is only the beginning of a possible, vast impact on
humans through the achievements of computer revolution. Despite that, Artificial intelligence
would not be possible if it was not for humans . Humans are required to abate it, start it, fix it
and monitor its actions. However, it is only to an extent that humans can trust artificial
intelligence as it could one day take over the human race.
Thousands, (if not millions), of people in the industrialised First and Second worlds have already
encountered the humbling reality of losing a job to another human in a Third world country
willing to work more hours for less pay. To make it worse new machines are replacing labourers
in some industries such as motoring. Lately in Japan robots are being used to take over jobs as
there is a shortage of labour. Critics say that in addition to replacing auto-industry labourers and
call-center technicians, these machines in years to come could replace meteorologists, bankers
and doctors. But the loss of “human” jobs is only part of artificial intelligence's threat to
humanity. This is demonstrated in the movie ‘AI’ where we see Gigolo Joe a mechanically
structured Robot taking...