Artificial Insemination (Ai)

Artificial Insemination (AI)
There are three different types of semen that can be used for artificial insemination. Fresh, chilled and frozen. The semen lasts for different periods of time depending on how it is kept; fresh semen can last for up to 12 hours at a temperature of 37°C, chilled semen can last for up to four days when kept at room temperature and frozen semen can effectively survive for eternity as it is frozen in liquid nitrogen. Artificial insemination can occur surgically – this will require general anaesthetic – it can also be done non-surgically. The non surgical procedure does not require anaesthetic and is not so invasive in a way that the female needs to be cut open for the semen to be inserted. The semen is inserted into a plastic tube, which is inserted into the cervix of the female and the semen is then inserted into the tube and into the cervix; an endoscope is used so that the vet knows when the tube is in the right position. A saline syringe is fitted at the end of the tube and the liquid will flush all of the sperm into the female, this will make sure that all of the possible sperm can be used to begin the reproduction of the female’s eggs. Artificial insemination is usually used when either the female or male has an injury and cannot mate, or if one particular males genetics are wanted for reproduction.
Artificial insemination has proved to be very popular; however animals that are bred through artificial insemination cannot be registered as purebreds or thoroughbreds. Despite it not allowing some animals to be registered as purebreds or thoroughbreds it has helped a lot of animals. Artificial insemination is mainly used in horses and dogs and when the male or female injures themselves they can still be bred from be extracting the males semen and inserting it into the female. Champion show dogs that become too old to mate can have their semen extracted and frozen, their semen can then be used to breed with...