Article Review

There are several reasons why I support the position of the author. First of all each individual has authority over himself, and is entitled to make any personal decision about what is moral and right for him. Of course there will be many people who are for or against the fact of selling a kidney and if this action is ethical or incorrect. People who are in favor of this action believe it is ethical to sell his kidney because it is the life and body of them. (Ethics and Free Markets, 2008) Julian Savulesco the author proposes an interesting idea "if an individual is owner of anything, that person has a natural right to do anything, and of course is his body. In fact the power each individual has to give their organs or body parts to others, implies that it is the owner. When you give something that means that you are the owner. - And if you can give something, you can also sell "(Salvulesco, 2008).
In life people make all kind of decisions that involve risks and between risks is money. Some individuals choose to take hazardous jobs, and this decision has been overtaken by the increase of money that exceeds any risk (John & Erin, 2004). Other individuals make the decision of damaging their body for pleasure such as alcohol and high-risk sports (John & Erin, 2004). These activities are not prohibited and will not be judged by society. Friedman argues, the autonomy of each person to allow the sale of kidneys. He supports that, "the case for legalizing kidney purchase hinges on the key premise are Entitled to Individuals That Control of Their Own body parts to the point of events inducing Risk of life" (Friedman & Friedman, 2005)

      The second reason why I am in favor of the author has to do with financial incentives that would lead to a significant increase in donations and of course an increase in salvation of many lives. Dr Arthur Matias proposed a plan in which donors could sell their kidney, the government would have to set a price and expenses would be...