Article Review

Journal: Knight and Cavusgil (2004). Innovation, organizational capabilities and the born-global firm.

  1. Firm’s sustainability through Key Success Factor (Innovation, Knowledge, & Capabilities).
    • Born global is a strategy that new firms can use to provide rapid growth and performance. They no longer need to start from small and slowly expand into big company. Going global enables firms to increase the homogenization of buyers’ preference which makes it easier for international business. The technology advancements are catalyst for born global firm which provides information and ease the transportation, international logistics and communication such as emails and internet in cheaper price. Emergence of innovation based on the various study and accumulation of the knowledge which will create the capabilities to support the born global firms. Knowledge is the most important sources due to provide advantages which can facilitate foreign market and operations and maintain the quality of product. For example, Malaysia furniture firms should go for born global as a better strategy form company instead of traditional stage models.
  2. Utilizing the new term of born global firms with capabilities of knowledge and talents
    • In the intensive global economic landscape, existences of born global firms contradict with the traditional theories of internationalization. In the Malaysian context, SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) are playing a vital role in the economy of nations and seen as the backbone of industrial development. Malaysia’s SMEs are still undergoing the classic process of enterprise development from start up stage to growth and expansion toward global competitive market. Many SMEs in Malaysia are trying very hard to survive even in domestic market. Therefore, the challenges of the SMEs can be solved by utilizing the new term of born global firms with the capabilities of knowledge and talents. SMEs do not need to compete with the main player in...