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Article Review Paper
Transportation vs Housing Planning

PPA 604 Urban Planning/Redevelopment

April 14th, 2016

Transportation Planning vs Housing Planning

Transportation Planning can be defined as being the area of government that evaluates, assesses and designs transportation facilities. One would think that Transportation Planning would be more about identifying, pin pointing and formulating solutions as it relates to transportation challenges. However, the government focuses more so on things like streets, bike lanes, highways and footpaths, thus allowing future goals and policies to be decided under the transportation planning phase. Steven D Hofner in 2004 voiced his opinion in an article he published entitled “Transportation Planning” (Hofner, 2004). In this article Mr. Hofner talks about how disconnected the transportation division and the planning division is. This observation is a very good one by Mr. Hofner, because in todays society there seem to be little or no unity. This just goes to show that even though we travel from place to place we still need to live somewhere. One would think that Transportation and Housing Planning would be closely related but they are not. Alexander von Hoffman in his article “Housing and Planning: A Century of Social Reform and Local Power” talks about how housing reform is related to Urban Planning (von Hoffman, 2009). This essay will analyze two theories with agreeing and disagreeing reviews.
Steven D. Hofener is the International President of ITE who once worked as a professional on the municipal level. He wrote that while working for a particular city he noticed that the transportation division and the planning division was disconnected. The way in which the Organization is structured presents opportunities that will cause competition, especially between Planning and Engineering. According to Mr. Hoefener “Transportation planner’s areas of emphasis include modeling, land use planning and community...