Art Though Ready to Starteth Thy Expedition? - Understanding That Which Is of the Yonder Days

The challenge for most modern day people - figuring out what exactly the people of the past were trying to convey through their literature. Poetry, of course seeming to be one of the most baffling components. Riddled with dead English and Latin proverbs, it is no wonder that students of today are breaking down at the sight of their next assessment on the works of Shakespeare. Yes, they may be beautiful and dazzling with their use of imagery and tales of sorrowful romance, but this can only be understood when you think outside of the box. A rose my dear friends, will not always be a rose. It is often used as the symbol of budding love and deep passion. How the two look alike, I do not know, for love in my eyes takes many a form (and none of which is really a physical state).

Exasperated as it may become, remember this; reading the text, not understanding anything to the point of even the conjunctions, taking a lunch break (including the consumption of your two serves of fruit), returning to re-read said text and becoming more baffled, leaving to watch some mind numbing television programs only to come back and start making the first paragraph/stanza into a complicated crossword for your pet cat "Serendipity'; is not an excellent way to spend time. Instead, take every word and rewrite them all into alphabetical order. Next pick every third word and begin to make a series of sentences that include these. Now use this paper to play a quick game of tug-o-war with the neighbourhood dog. Hand this to your teacher. If they are the common sort of teacher, they will be tricked by the odd recognition of words from the text that can be seen in the remaining fragments of your 'essay' and possibly buy you some extra time.

Now hop online and just find a deconstruction of your given text and use this as a reference   point for your work. Do not copy what you may find - If you were to get a high mark for that piece of work and eventually get into the higher levels of...