Art Photography

This is an example of a ‘fold out postcard’. I chose to use this because postcards are sent on journeys, and jamole needs his own postcard, I also chose to this because I wanted to put the photos together so it was easy to compare and contrast them for the viewers of my photography.
I am hoping the fold out post card will bring out the story within jamoles journey. I’m not going to write words on the pictures as I want the audience to create their own story.
These are two examples of how it might look!.

As you can see I changed the postcard to landscape as I seen a picture on ebay of a fold out post card and I was landscape. This is only 4 pictures stuck together, the final will have 4 or 5 on each side.
As you can see I used Google maps and got the path of jamoles journey. This is just something for the viewers to work off and create their own journey.
For all the images im using, I re edited them by adding a slight ‘VIGNETTE’ to the corners as you can see in this image. This again   just draws more focus to the subject – the goldfish

Here is a photo of the final, I feel it really captured jamoles journey through the heart of Melbourne, it touches my heart to see him travel about the city. The end product worked out excellent and the quality of the photos are superb, and they stuck together really nicely and it feels solid. The ‘vignette’ effect on each of the photos make them all feel as one photo, as the viewer’s eyes are drawn to the subject of each image. I believe I have hand picked out the best images from my collection, however I do regret taking more photographs of each scene.