Art on a Ceramics Piece

I have been doing art for most of my life. I have been doing a lot of sculpting and ceramics. Also most of my life I have been drawing and painting. But one thing I realized at the beginning of the year is that everyone looks at art a different way. I always wanted to not reflect on want art piece I had made. This left the teacher suspicious, so I told her about how I didn't like reflections. She first took it as a joke but I told her this is what I really believed. She told me some people could not understand art.

With my experience from before I made many pots on the wheel trying to avoid to hand built something. I found it easier and faster to just use the wheel it was just my thing. But of course for a good grade I made a hand built pot. It was a sushi plate with some sort of fish coming out of the plate with an open mouth. The mouth was for a sauce dip for the sushi. This time I did want to right a reflection because I did believe some people don't know art. I realized that after I saw a magazine with an art piece that has a blank canvas in a museum.

It made me think that maybe if I don’t express my art piece than people wouldn’t be inspired or even understand. I feel like a reflection is more than a description of an art piece. But the story of the piece inspires people or even how the artist looks at his world. For example for the sushi plate I was inspired by a show on TV. The show is about a family business that builds aquariums and shark tanks. So in conclusion, I learned than people get inspired by the story of the piece not just how it looks like.

So at the end I learned a lot about how to get people inspired, also to teach others how to understand art. This is what I was stuck on at the beginning of the year, but now I realized that my sushi plate has a story behind which makes it even more special. For next year I will try to understand my self by looking at the art I make and what inspires me.