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While researching Ares, I have discovered so many differences and similarities between how we thought then and how we think now. Ares is best known as the ggGod of wWar and the God,   of aAagriculture, and fFfertility. His importance to Greek mythology is to resolve conflict with bravery and courage. Ares stood for something great. howeverHhowever,; he always had a different point of view and a different way of handling things from the other eleven gods.

All ancient myths have a couple similaritiesof things in common.. One of them would be teaching us a moral value about real life. Others Another similarity is that the stories are would be thetypes of folklore, which areis a   traditional stories being passed down through the a culture.   and because They areit is delivered through word of mouth so having the same stories many be told in a different ways. They even have the same people type of characters, except with different names.

All cultures have their own way of presenting their own traditional myths. One of the differences would be the type of perception of the human qualities of each godand translation of thelanguage the name is in. The Greeks thought of Ares as having a huge ego and only about destruction, but were as the Romans thought of Mars as a builder and protector. Additionally, Even the value that the myth is teaching isvalues that the myths are teaching are different, sometimes ifeven although the stories are y it is the same. Most cultures even have their own version of own myths to fit their cultural history, beliefs,norms and values.

In Greek mythology, Ares is known as one of the 12 Olympiads gods that lived on Mount Olympus and is believed to be as . Ares is also the son of Hera and Zeus,   but no one really knows if Zeus really is his dad. He is named as the Greek and Roman God of War and the Roman God of agriculture and fertility. He is was also rumored to be one of the lovers of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.   In Roman...