Art Evaluation

Explore-at the start of this project I looked at the artists Karl Blosfeldt and Peter Randall Page. Karl Blosfeldt was a German photographer who took photographs of natural forms. Peter Randall Page is a British artist who takes natural forms and uses the textures and colours to make interesting sculptures. I think I presented my work which included my botanical drawing of kiwi, my flower observation drawing and other pieces in an eye-catching and interesting way.

Create. I experimented with my collages by using low relief and by using materials which have the colours of natural forms like brown tape. With my drawing I used tried to show the           texture of the object I was focusing on.The materials I used were brown tape, cardboard (thick and thin) and tissue paper. The techniques I used were slotting, using low and high relief.

Evaluate. At the start I think I did not really annotate my work but now i think I have fully annotated my work at have improve the pages at the start of my book. I think I have planned my work well because I put thought into how I am going to organise a page and my ideas. My drawings show that I have reflected the styles of the artists' work because I have taken their work at incorporated several ideas into my own work.   I have reviewed my work my putting a footnote at the bottom of the page. The footnote includes my opinion of how well I did something or what I liked about something. I presented my work in a way so that the people looking at my work can read my writing but the way it was put on the page is bold and visually good.

Understand. I think that my work does show a link to the artists' work, like I said before in the evaluate section, I have incorporated their styles and put it into my work. My final piece of work did turn out as expected because it had different shapes to show the textures on a real life form. I am particularly pleased with my leave structure as it was one of three parts which look like a part...