Art Essay

Textiles and Craft Within Contemporary Art

Evaluation of my Preparatory Work
I have chosen my path in art to consist of relatively simple or cropped designs, abstracting the subject, breaking down the features to a more vulnerable state that will express a deeper personal sentiment, therefore in this essay I will be describing my use of textiles and craft within contemporary art in conjunction with artists that have influenced my work. Firstly, I visited a few galleries, The Other Art Fair and The Saatchi Gallery, they were all helpful in my quest to gather inspiration and get the chance to view many unique art styles from various artists, which all helped me in my development process. I then refined my preferences by finding individual artists to research. The artists I explored were; Emily Tull, who stitches into fabric to create visually realistic human skin, Rita Zepf, who works with textiles, painting and embroidery, creating thread portraits using a sewing machine, Mrs Bertimus, who makes all of her work with a sewing machine and recycled fabrics to create a textured and layered foundation, David Hockney, who uses oil paint to create a style that is both realistic and highly simplified and Raphael Vicenzi, whose works are a mixture of watercolour techniques (inspired by street art and Graffiti) and the appearance of hand drawn sketches.

Throughout the process, my ideas developed and progressed significantly, as at the start of my project I had no initial ideas, however my concepts progressively became more concentrated. At the start of my development, I was very interested by Emily Tull's work and found her work be mesmerizing, however I soon realised that her work was not suited for me and I had to find a style that really spoke to me and my theme. Moreover, I also looked at Mrs Bertimus, I couldn't find much meaning in her work so her work simply became a tool to practice my sewing with.
The greatest influence of style was by Rita Zepf, I became...