Art and Intention

The 1912 Marcel Duchamp Nude Descending a Staircase piece provoked a scandal when it first appeared it was also rejected by his fellow artist. “Their Cubist sensibilities were offended by Marcel Duchamp’s use of the nude, which they advised him should always be painted in repose, noting “A nude never descends the stairs - a nude reclines.” Although the painting was displayed later in Paris that year, Duchamp never accepted the actions of his brothers and fellow artists.” (,para,2,2012) there is also speculation that the time-lapse photography of E. Muybridge, whose 1887 series of 24 images of a nude female walking down a flight of stairs, may have served as inspiration for the painting by Duchamp. Some people even made fun of the artwork calling it The Rude Descending the Staircase.
    Michelangelo also had people who did not approve of his artwork the David. They didn’t understand the meaning of it. People just as Marcel Duchamp painting took offense to the nudity of the David. The David meaning symbolized freedom and domination of the Republic of Florence. He presented this by showing David over the giant. Later to keep the people from criticizing his work he placed a skirt on David.
    I personally was never offended by the painting. I think this day in time   nudity is more acceptable than the days of the past. I do however now see what the meaning behind the nudity was. I knew that it was never meant to be offensive. These artist were just before their time. I guess that is a reason they are more intriguing.