Art and Freud

Art essay
Thesis: what elements of Dada and Surrealism suggest the influence of Freud?

“My life is interesting only if it’s related to psychoanalysis” this is said by the famous scientist Sigmund Freud, also known as the father of psychoanalysis. (Jean Chiriac)
Since childhood, Freud was a hard working gal, for by the time he ended his school learning he possessed the ability to speak more than two different languages. Moreover, Freud himself was a Jewish Czech, and he considers that being Jew was responsible for his intelligence and discoveries, although he weren’t religiously attached. Eventually, he grew up to become a psychoanalyst, who has endeavored theories related to hysteria, dreams, unconsciousness, transference, Oedipus complex, narcissism, and paranoia. However, we are prone to notice his indirect and direct affect on art and literature, for he endeared art greatly. Along with all his theories, Freud related them to sexual repression or (libido), as well as, infantile memories.
He said once:
“I may say at once that I am no connoisseur in art, but simply a layman. I have often observed that the subject-matter of works of art has a stronger attraction for me than their formal and technical qualities, though to the artist their value lies first and foremost in these latter. I am unable rightly to appreciate many of the methods used and the affects obtained in art.
(SE, XII.211)
In the previous statement by Freud himself, Anthony Storr reports that Freud was not concerned with the form of the art itself but with its content; hence, he “applied the same technique of interpretation to works of art as he did to dreams, phantasies, and neurotic symptoms.”(93)
Furthermore, in the 20th century there was the rise of both art movements Dada(ism) and surrealism, and both were greatly influenced by the works of great innovators such as Sigmund Freud. They were both driven by that time’s political structure, however, “Hopkins” states that both...