Arnold Rothstein

19th century America attracted a boom of culture as immigrants swarm in by the millions.   During the begging of this century the majority of immigrants consisted of Italians, Irish, and European-Jews. These groups came in dozens and often kept to themselves. They didn't trust no one, but their kind, especially the police. Chaos and corruption was common amongst immigrant populated areas and authorities had no control over it. These mobsters weren't natives, they too were immigrants...   Though the who is considered the godfather of American organized crime was Arnold Rothstein who actually wasn't an immigrant, but he had a heavy influence ounce in the dealing of immigrant mobsters such as Al Capone.
            Arnold Rothstein was born January 17, 1882 in New York City to a religious Jewish family. His father, Abraham Rothstein, was a successful businessman who was known as “Abe the Just.” He was known for being very religious and philanthropic. Rothstein’s older brother chose a respected lifestyle as rabbi, however, Rothstein himself choose a completely different path.
While his brother pursued a more holy lifestyle, Rothstein showed an interest in illegal activities from an early age.  In his late teens, Rothstein dropped out of school to work as a traveling salesman before he began gambling. He would bet on everything from baseball games and prized fights to elections and horse races. His success and million dollar net worth was a result from his high-interest loans, opening of a gambling house and purchase of racetracks. His financial decisions and intelligent investments made him a millionaire by the age of 30. Rothstein acquired the nickname “The Big Bankroll” because often carried a roll of $100 bills with him so that he could pay for new deals right on the spot. During the Prohibition Rothstein was deeply involved in the illegal business of bootlegging, purchasing alcohol abroad and smuggling it into the United States where it was sold at speakeasies at...