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GCSE English Literature Twentieth Century Drama Coursework Component

Higher Tier

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|Explore the dramatic significance of the character of Inspector Goole in An Inspector Calls.                                             |

This should be no more than 4 sentences.   It should contain the following;
      • Title of the play, playwright, first performed.
      • State areas of exploration (see sub-headings below) across two sentences.

Appearance in the play and the theme of prescience
1) What is prescience?
2) Discuss how the Inspector appears after Birling says “a man has to mind his own business”. When viewed in the context of what happens later, this appears to be quite prescient.
3) How is this concept of prescience revealed through the Inspector’s interactions with other characters?
4) How does prescience add to the dramatic interest of the play?

The character of the Inspector
1) How does the initial stage directions on p. 11 where Priestley describes the Inspector present the character?   What does this description lead the audience to expect?
2) Discuss how the Inspector interacts with Birling:

1) What is the genre of the play?
2) How does the Inspector conform to the genre?   Consider:
  a) Name
  b) His role in conveying the moral message of the playwright.
3) How does this lend to the dramatic significance of the Inspector’s role?

Interaction with Sheila
1) How is Sheila used to emphasise the dramatic significance of the Inspector for the audience.   Consider:
  a) Her choric role
  b) How she directs the audience to think
  c) How she explains the Inspector’s thoughts and words
2) How does Priestley use the characters of the Inspector and Sheila to comment on Edwardian society and how it has evolved (ref. to...