Arne Naess

PHI 244 Environmental Ethics
Paper Topic #01
After reading the Interview With Arne Naess I find many things that I agree with and also many things I would disagree with Arne Naess.   Naess developed his own philosophy called ecosophy which also means the understanding of ecological thinking.   A question Naess brought up in this interview is “Why do we think that economic growth and high levels of consumption are so important?”   According to ecosophy, instead of asking what will be the consequences of not having economic growth, ask if the present society fulfills the basic needs of human beings.   My question is how do we fulfill the basic needs of humans without looking at the economy since today’s world revolves around money?   If the economy falls then there will be no way to fulfill basic needs like love and security since both either uses money or money is part of the system.   To many people love can be found in money while others believe it can not, which is a very intuitive view as Naess states about intuitive statements “It cannot be proven”.   So what would benefit the planet as a whole and what would we have to do in order to make the changes as Naess asks.   My answer would be technology and resource.   In order to gain some you must lose some so to make those changes you will still need a scientific approach but with ecological thinking it will work both ways for those who have ecological knowledge and those who are more interested in the real world, working and money.
Which leads to another point Naess made.   People do not question deeply enough to make a clear total view of the world because if they did everyone would agree with save the world from destruction.   I agree that yes if people sat down and thought hard enough about the world and everything around them they would realize the destruction upon the world but with today’s lifestyles many people don’t even have time to be thinking about others, much less,   the world.   Today’s lifestyle only...