Army Trip Report Example

Date: 25NOV13

Subject:   TRIP REPORT // HRF-10 NGB visit 20NOV13

Purpose:   The purpose of this report is to outline items discussed by members of HRF-10 and associated NGB staff from the J337/J39/J5/J4.   Provided there is concurrence by all parties involved, this report will be used as a source document for future agreements, plans, and actions in support of the Homeland Response Force mission in Region X.

Background:     HRF-10 conducted a NGB site visit on 20NOV13 to introduce new staff to NGB counterparts and to discuss HRF program issues, to include TY14 EXEVAL planning and support.


  (1.) BUDGET.   The 2016-2020 POM cycle for the HRF Enterprise is currently being drafted for submission in FEB14.   Included is maintenance of current funding levels of $4.2-$4.8M annually for each of the 10 HRF’s nationally and the institution of a Career Program for FTE manning to establish long term enterprise stability.   If approved, the HRF FTE Career Program is to be implemented between 2016-18.   Additionally, this funding will support the fielding and maintenance of a standardized JMEEL of new equipment.  

  (2.) JMEEL/Equipment.   A HRF TY14 JMEEL has been created and approved by CNGB and will be implemented NLT 01OCT14.   It includes standardized equipment set for every HRF, utilizing predominately military vehicles.   Vehicles will be secured by NGB-J4 through recall of excess equipment nationwide and reallocation to HRF states.   “HRF Fleets” will be issued to the associated state JFHQ property books for further distribution as applicable to support mission requirements.   Military vehicle fleets will supplement GSA vehicle requirements.   Additionally it was suggested that this measure was directed in advance of a future establishment of a HRF UIC and associated property book, as yet not approved or scheduled.

  (3.) Rubble Pile/Washington State (HAMMER Fire Training Facility).   NGB “may” be able to approve and fund the construction of a...