Arlington Community Foundation

The Arlington Community Foundation
Trey Walker
September 7, 2015
Prof. Danette Brown

Arlington Community Foundation
The Arlington Community Foundation did not start in Arlington, Virginia. Actually it started in San Francisco, Ca. In 1989, there was a terrible earthquake that devastated the community. The San Francisco Foundation contributed demanding support for the people in need. The Honorable William T. Newman, Jr., was inspired by this foundations call to duty that he started a foundation for the Arlington, VA residents. Newman reached out to the community, and with seed money from the Freedom Forum, the Arlington Community Foundation was born.
In 1993 the first two grants were awarded. Since then, the Foundation has increased its giving nearly every year. The formation of the Arlington Education Fund in 1995 and its scholarship program dramatically increased the Foundation's impact. As a result, the endowment has grown significantly as well.
The mission of The Arlington Community Foundation is an independent charitable organization that actively promotes, protects and improves the quality of life for those who live or work in Arlington. The Foundation provides philanthropic leadership and raises capital for grants and scholarships to address community needs now and in the future. ("Arlington Community Foundation", n.d.).
The Arlington Community Foundation is the local home for individuals, foundations, businesses and organizations in Arlington to carry out their charitable giving. The Foundation's general funds - supported by contributions from community members - improve and strengthen the community in and around Arlington through grants made to local nonprofit organizations. The Foundation has several competitive grant cycles throughout the year.  Grants to local, national and international nonprofit organizations are also recommended by advisors to Donor Advised Funds created to direct the charitable priorities of individuals, families,...