Argumentative Essay

William Tam                           Ms.Kornegay
Period 2                     11/15/11
Argumentative Essay
According to the United States constitution, stated on the bill of rights all people gets equal rights. We teenagers should get the rights like any other adults walking in the streets and only take away the rights if it’s necessary. In this essay I’ll explain different cases involving teenage rights.
In this case will elaborate about a teenage 16 years old boy Morris Kent and his case about the crimes he committed.   This case Kent v. United States (1966) was about the kid Morris Kent which is 16 years old saying that since he was 14 he went on probation for burglary and theft. He was also arrested and charged for three home burglaries, three robberies, and two rapes in Washington D.C. Now the prosecutor moved the case to an adult court because of the amount of charges and how serious it was. Morris lawyer then wanted the case to stay in juvenile court where the penalties was least sever. But the judge sided with the prosecutor and Morris was tried in the adult court. He was then convicted and sentenced to 30 to 90 years in jail. The court that Morris was tried was correct is because if you’re the age of 16 you could be convicted and charged as an adult.
In the case Tinker v. Des Moines Independent School District (1969) the children in their school are being taken away their right which is freedom of speech. In this case it’s between the school and the two kids John and Mary Tinker. December 1965 they wore black arm bands with a peace sign on it, protesting the Vietnam War. Schools officials then told them to remove the arm bands they refused to. So then the school was suspended from the school. In this situation the children was so upset because the school was violating their rights to freedom of speech which is the first amendment. They then sued the school for taking their rights and not only that suspending them as well. The...