Argumentative Essay on Fur

Animal fur has recently appeared on runways and as a trend around the world, while sales of fur clothing and accessories grows. Though it will never reach the popularity it had in the 60s, when wearing a mink coat was the symbol of luxury, wearing authentic fur is still a problem that needs to be addressed. Genuine fur has always appealed as a symbol of luxury and many argue that because of its enduring nature that it is worth wearing. Others argue that wearing for is not ethical or safe for the environment. Wearing fur should be banned on the basis that obtaining fur is cruel to animals and not environmentally sound, despite its popularity in the fashion industry. The fur industry is unnecessary, especially because of the abundance of synthetic fur products on the market today.
The process of making fur coats, hats, boots, and accessories is more inhumane than many think. Most of the fur that comes into the United States comes from Chinese fur farms. In China, there are no laws against abusing animals on fur farms, which makes it the world’s largest fur exporter. Because of the lack of regulations, the suppliers are free to treat these animals horribly. Animals have little or no necessities, like food or water. They are put in tiny cages, shipped in stacks, and treated like cargo, not the living, breathing animals that they are. Some animals are still alive when the animal's fur or skin is disgustingly removed from their body (Chinese Fur Farms). Then, the dying or dead animals are tossed into piles with the other furless animals. It is obvious that the process of obtaining animal fur is inhumane and cruel. Fur is not necessary for humans to wear, as everyone can survive without the addition of a fur coat. It does not matter that fur is stylish­ it is useless and does not have any actual cause to treat animals so harshly.
Many think fur is more natural than synthetics because it comes from real animals. However, fur is not natural at all. The process of making...