Argument Sample Answer

The memorandum from the manager of WWAC radio station put forward a proposal to change the rock music format to news and talk format to gain a larger audience. To support his proposal, he points out that there is a decline in the listener numbers in spite of the increase in the local population. Besides, he added, the decline of the local sales of the recorded music indicates less interest in music. Therefore the manager suggests the change be beneficial to the radio station. However, close scrutiny of the argument reveals that none of them lend credible support the proposal.

In the fist place, the manager unfairly claims the decline in the rock music listeners is due to the less interest of the current format, instead of other reasons, for instance, the weak coverage of the radiation accounting to the station problems. Without ruling out the possible reasons ignored by the manager, we cannot be convinced by the change of the format will be feasible.

In second place, the manager assumes that the retired old people would like to listen to the all news programs instead of rock music. The assumption is based on no concrete evidence or research that clearly shows the definite preference to all news programs. Perhaps they prefer the mixed program rather than that exclusive to each other. Or perhaps the retired people are not even the audience of radio or they might be still in to rock music. The mere fact that the increase in the local senior population cannot suggest anything that manager should make the decision.

Lastly, the decrease in the local sales of recorded music cannot justify the proposal to eschew music to the all-news format. Although the overall sale of music has decreased, the rock music does not necessarily decrease. Instead, it might experience some increase. Or the recorded music has declined but not other forms of rock music. For instance, people prefer to participate in the live concerts. Or the maybe the buyers of the recorded music are not...