Argument Credibility

Jalessa Huff
CRT 205
Checkpoint: Argument Credibility

Source: The Washington Times
Article Title: VA. Police Find Driver-Texting Law Too Vague

  * What claims are being made?
~ The claims are that the texting-while-driving law is very difficult to enforce because there are loopholes. A driver getting pulled over and accused of texting can easily say they were trying to dial a number to get them out of the situation.
  * Do the claims conflict with your personal observations?
~ The claims do not conflict with my personal views. I think law enforcement need to come up with more effective ways to make this new law enforceable.
  * What background information do you have about the claims?
~ Too many fatal accidents involving teens result in them texting-while-driving. But teens are not the only people engaging in this activity while driving. Not only do I hear about these reports on the news, or read it in the newspaper, but I see it myself while I’m driving.
  * What is the expertise of the author, if any?
~ The editor of the article is a reporter of the Associated Press. Matthew Barakat has written hundreds of articles for repeatable news papers and magazines.
  * Is the author biased and untrustworthy or biased and trustworthy?
~ The author is a trustworthy source who writes for the Associated Press. I feel this article is based on facts due to the many people that still text-while-driving because law enforcement has not been able to put this new law into effect.