They call it the financial capital of the world. The city where people from all around the globe travel to for one purpose, to make money. New York City is one of the biggest and most important cities on earth. It is called the city that never sleeps simply because there is always something going on within its borders. Given its financial status amongst other cities, NYC is still not a perfect city.

Just like anywhere else in the world NYC has it is wealthy and poor individuals. Living here opens up your eyes to many things. On one hand you see a wealthy wall street broker walking out of his $300,000 car and being escorted to his office while on the other, probably, at the same time, you would see a homeless individual sitting on the floor in front of the building where that broker works asking for change in order to save it up so he could later on buy something to eat and drink. This city is so populated that the gap between the rich and the poor is very large.

The one topic I would like to focus on is the excessive presence of homeless people that are living on the streets of the city. It is very sad that even today you see people struggling to find a place to sleep or find something to eat. At the same time it is very comforting to see that there are people out there that push to help the homeless by donating their money to then, give them food and shelter, and even get them jobs so they can turn their life around. Not everyone has the same opinion regarding the homeless. While some might feel bad and are empathetic towards them others feel that the homeless are the way they are because of the life choices that they made. I feel that it is sad how there are people that struggle to find water food and shelter in New York City but I don’t believe that all homeless people are in that situation because of decision they made. Some grew up and lived a normal life just yours and mine but during their life they ran into some unexpected roadblocks that lead to...