During the Trojan War Ares fought on the side of the Trojans against the Greeks, as a show of support for his lover Aphrodite. This did not let the other Olympians like him any better except for Apollo, supported the Greeks.   He attacked Athena and she reached down and picked up a rock and smashed him over the head with it. Athena also convinced one of the Greek warriors, to wound Ares in the side during the battle and Ares yelled so loudly in pain and anger that the earth shook. He complained to Zeus about Athena's humiliating him on the battlefield, and Zeus called him a whiner who enjoyed nothing but fighting. Ares, sometimes went out of his way to help the Olympians. But, endless wars of the Greeks, he decided to rescue Hades who was being held captive by King Sisyphus. Ares came to help him and threatened Sisyphus if he didn’t release him and turn himself in as Hades’ prisoner. Sisyphus was so scared that he surrendered to Hades. Greek gods were the foundation of the world. They were created by man to explain the world around them. To the greeks their gods were the only thing connecting the foundation together. To them they are oxygen for the lungs.
  Who is Ares?
He is the god of war and violence. He is well known for his Roman name, Mars which also refers to a planet in space. He was the son of Zeus and Hera. His famous weapon was a spear because it was magical. The magical part of it was he could summon it by calling it and the other part of it was if it targeted some one it followed it until it killed it. He was tall and handsome but cruel and vain. He is an imperative symbol of war and destruction and a his symbols are a helmet, known as a gleaming helmet to put on his head in war and a sword, to kill people and to fight in the war. He was the most hated god among other Olympian gods. He hated all the gods including his father Zeus, except Eris and Aphrodite, Eris was his daughter and Aphrodite was his wife. He was the only god who was mortal so he had...