Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Save the mother earth,
just one step of yours,
will make a big difference,
go ahead with new approach,
save the mother earth..............1.    Stop using polythene bag, Stop pollution
For good environment this is the solution.2.    Replace the polythene bag just discard them
For pollution free environment disregard them.3.    Keep polythene bags away
This is the need of the day.    4.    Whenever a polythene bag is used,
the environment is abused

plastics plastics plastics ban plastics

Plastic Bags.
When supermarkets stop using plastic bags, we’ll have to use bigger and sturdier garbage bags taking twice as long to decay in landfills.
Even if supermarkets stop using plastic bags, we’ll still have to use them to pick up after the dog.
We NEED plastic bags, try picking up dog shit with a reusable grocery gag.
We NEED plastic bags, try picking up dog shit with a paper bag.
We NEED plastic bags, the hell with pseudo ecologists.
We NEED plastic bags, how else can you carry wet , damp or smelly items like fish, seafood and blue cheese ?
We NEED plastic bags, how else can you protect you bicycle seat from the rain ?
We need degradable plastic bags, not a ban on plastic bags.
There will always be a need for plastic bags.
Ecologists are very often a subsidized public nuisance with their own hidden agenda.
plastic bag is a death bag
fishes in the ocean are like men, they need to breath;
letus protect and save the coral reef.....

1.Even after u leave the earth the plastic will live
2.long live Earth, not PLASTICS
3. Go Green, Plastic is Obscene!
4. Be Retrograde, Just Biodegrade!
5. From Here to Eternity, Plastic is Calamity!
6. Be Fantastic, Say No to Plastic!
7. Stop Poisoning the Earth! We Only Hav1)Don't make your planet a deathbed of plastics.You owe it more than this!
2)It takes more than a millennium for a small piece of plastic to disintegrate.Should the future generations suffer because of our mistakes?
3.Make your...