Are You a Good Communicator

Supportive and defensive relationships in the health care could either make the environment warm and friendly or cold and interpersonal. Supportive relationships are more appropriate for the health care industry because it promotes teamwork and unity. Defensive relationships are just the opposite, everyone is for themselves and little to no communication is taking place. Relationships amongst health care professionals are important because it can have an effect on the quality of care that the patient receives. In this type of environment being able to express one’s self as supportive rather than a defensive could ultimately open doors to improve the communication.

Assertive style is the style can be defined as the way one states what they feel, thinks, wants, or need in a way that is honest, direct, and respectful of others. Assertive communication allows one to share information respectfully, openly, and honestly
while allowing others to do the same. This interpersonal approach builds trust; helps prevent conflicts, and enables the persons with whom are communicating to get important needs met. One assertive style can be translated in different ways, but like everything else it needs to be practiced. Co-workers, friends, and family have become accustomed to this method of communication style it it is different than your own. Nonetheless, this style is appropriate for the healthcare setting because it helps the medical staff to build a rapport.

After completing the “How assertive are you?” quiz I got an idea of how assertive I really am. Out of a possible 75 point I score 68 which means that I am consistently assertive, able to voice your own opinions, thoughts, and feelings to others while respecting the right of others to do the same. I feel that quiz gave an accurate assessment of my personality. I currently work in a healthcare setting, so I know firsthand that my interpersonal communication skills are effective. By listening and sharing my thoughts it...