Are Some Ways of Knowing More Likely Than Others to Lead to Truth

Are some ways of knowing more likely than others to lead to truth?
Prescribed essay by Drew Davey

I think that every way of knowing is important in find truth. It is truly hard to determine which way is the best way to find it. I suppose that it depends on what kind of truth you are looking for. Some times that can be an even more difficult question, but we must answer it to answer the first question.

Like I said to answer the first question we need to answer the second. I say this because how can one answer a question has other ways to look at it? For example I think that for every way of knowing there is a truth and for every truth a way of knowing. This causes me to wonder if there can be more than one way of knowing for one truth.

If it is to be interpreted like that then I do not think I know if there is a better way of knowing that is above all the rest. However I do think that there is a better way for certain circumstances. If one is looking to find what it is that drives them than emotion is a better way of knowing then Sense Perception will most likely lead to an untrue conclusion. Emotion would probably lead to the truth of the question. Just as emotion is not the best way to solving a puzzle.

This does not really answer the question of is there a better way of knowing. I think that the best way figure this out is by matching the ways of knowing with the type of truth that can be looked for. This conclusion in itself came reason so I think that I can count this as a win for reason in the area of problem solving.
First let us look at personal truths. Such truths that can be found in questions like should I marry this person or is this what I really want? Like I said earlier emotion is a good way to find this truth. It is not always accurate because some do not really know what they want. I feel that because it is more reliable than not emotion gets one point. Sense perception can do very little in this matter. Occasionally one can get...