Are Movies Legimate Entertaiment

Movies have been a popular form of media since they began over 100 years ago.   There also have been a number of controversial movies that have been banned or censored. If “Natural Born Killers” had been made at a different time, perhaps this film might not have been made.   The controversy lies in the fact that this film turned into a reality for some people.   This film was written by Quentin Tarentino and directed by Oliver Stone; both of these gentlemen are known for their edgy films.   Oliver Stone is also known for films that carry a message.   The story is about the misadventures of Mickey and Mallory Knox who come from abusive and traumatic childhoods and as adults are outcasts, lovers, and serial killers.   Together through a bond of love and pain they travel across Route 666 indulging their every fantasy which includes murder just for kicks.   Glorified by the media who are caught up in the hype as much as the reader/audience, their story is told by the single person they let live in order to tell the world about them and who they are.   And in the end only the camera is left to tell the story.   The film was intended as a satire on the media, but the real controversy as alluded in the beginning of the paragraph was that the film inspired several copycat killers who sought their own 15 minutes of fame, some of these people borrowed imagery and dialogue.   Over 12 murders in the United States and abroad have been attributed to “Natural Born Killers” the family of one victim tried to sue Stone and Warner Bros., but this was unsuccessful.   This film turned out to be more than a piece of entertainment; it was a movie with a message in that it takes a satirical stab at the media and bites the hand that feeds it, while spilling into everyday life with tragic results for some.   In popular culture