Are Humans Rational Animals?

What are human beings? Are they animals? What does it mean to be rational? Well, first of all, human beings are classified as having the characteristics of man as opposed to animals, divine creature and machines. Second of all, human beings are classified as social animals so truly, they are animals. Lastly, to be rational is to be reasonable or logical. So we come down to the ultimate question: Are human beings rational animals?
In order to simply begin answering this question we need to consider both human and animal characteristics and where they are intertwined with each other. Generally speaking, human beings have highly developed brains capable of intangible logic, language, and critical thinking. They possess the desire to understand and influence the environment around them. They seek knowledge through philosophy, science or mythology which then leads to the development of advanced tools and abilities. Also, humans create complex social organizations which form the basis of the diverse human society. In order to do so, they have uniquely developed systems of communication for expression of thoughts and ideas. So I think we can agree that humans are exceptional. Despite all of these characteristics unique to only humans, there are others which are known to both humans and animals. Both species eat, breathe, drink, sleep, adapt to surroundings, reproduce, and evolve through time. These characteristics are the main ones that are commonly shared between the two groups. Also, according to science, they are both categorized into the Animal Kingdom. So, scientifically speaking, human beings are animals which merely possess some more complex characteristics than the animals we have come to know.
So, if we were to take science out of the picture, would humans still be considered animals? I think that the answer to this question is quite debatable because sure, they share some common characteristics but doesn’t rationality play quite a major role in the picture?...