Aqualisa Case Study

Aqualisa Product Offerings:
Aqualisa has a good brand name and has a strong product line. The name Aqualisa is synonymous with high quality and great service. The company enjoys overall second position in the UK shower market. Aqualisa markets the products as three separate brands:
1. Aqualisa (Core products line)
2. Gainsborough (Value range)
3. Showermax (Available through specialist contract outlets)
They had launched a new shower called Quartz, which is a major product innovation in years in the shower market in the UK. The product line Aqualisa offers can be viewed from three perspectives:
1. Product Line Breadth: Aqualisa’s main product is shower and pump. There are three different types of showers – electric showers, mixer showers and power showers. A substantial part of revenue (approximately one third) comes from selling shower accessories and other commercial products.

2. Product Line Length: Aqualisa offers a good length of products. In every category of the shower and pump, Aqualisa has three segments – Value, Standard and Premium. The products in these segments are available through different distribution channels and cater to different customers.

3. Product Line Depth: Since showers are standard equipments, these don’t come in many varieties.
Product Line Breadth Aqualisa Product Line Length Offerings
Value Standard Premium
Electric Showers Gainsborough Gainsborough Aquastyle
Mixer Showers Aquavalve Value
Showermax Aquavalve 609 Quartz Standard
Quartz Pumped
Power Shower Aquastream Manual Aquastream Thermostatic
Pump Aquaforce 1.0/1.5 Bar Aquaforce 2.0/3.0 Bar
Shower accessories and commercial products

Along with the physical product, product offering is the value or benefit that the customer enjoys. It comes bundled with the product and can include the brand value, technical support, etc. Aqualisa has the following product offerings:
• The product itself
• Brand value
• Company Reputation