Aqa A2 Eng Lang Jan 2012, Qn1

JAN 2012: QN 01: Text A is a transcript of Jack (4 years 3 months) and Ruth (2 years 9 months) talking about an interactive book, You Choose with their mother.
Referring in detail to the transcript and to relevant ideas from language study, analyse the language used by children and their caregivers.

Throughout the transcript there is strong evidence of each child’s language stage development. Ruth uses many fillers and hesitations such as “(.) erm (.)” as well as false starts like “I would live at (.) I would live” whereas Jack doesn’t use any, but instead makes smaller virtuous errors such as using the wrong determiners like “climb it” instead of “climb them”.   These errors are evident in showing that Jack is a lot more confident in speech and has a basic understanding of morphology and grammatical structure making him more developed grammatically than Ruth, who is clearly younger because of her lack of confidence whilst speaking.
The childrens’ mother also contributes a lot to how Ruth and Jack speak. She uses Child Directed speech to stimulate the children through mainly using interrogatives prompting the children to respond with a declarative thus communicating with adjacency pairs. She also complies by the accommodation theory through the use of convergence by adapting and using similar speech to Ruth and Jack. This is done through using unfinished sentences which are despite not being grammatically correct because they aren’t stand alone but are commonly used and thus understood by young children. These short sentences also help Jack but more so Ruth to pick out the head words in a sentence rather than to feel overwhelmed by long, complex sentencing.
Contextually, Jack is also a lot more developed than Ruth. Ruth relies on the book to point at whilst talking whereas Jack comes up with deictic references outside of the book such as seemingly his own ideas: “i would dress up as a robot”. This and the use of mums constant questioning such as “what are...