Apush Chapter 3 Questions.

Ch 3                                                                                                                                                          
1.   Compare and contrast the New England and middle colonies in terms of motives for founding, religious and social composition, and political development.
When people started colonizing North America, the New England area was settled mostly by British, whereas the middle colonies were colonized by many different types of people causing differing religious and social composition, as well as political development.   To go into further detail, New Englanders came almost exclusively from Great Britain after being kicked out by the Church of Great Britain.   The people, called puritans, were ejected because they wanted a stricter church.   On the other hand, settlers of the middle colonies were from many ethnic and social backgrounds, therefore many different religions were practiced.   The middle colonies also had many different types of government in the new world because with all the different religions came different ideals.
  1. New England appealed greatly to puritans in part because many people were migrating to the middle colonies for the soil and economic opportunities, so not many people were migrating to the places in the north, and provided the puritans a place to start anew.
  2. The people of New England also started to create new government systems that were more in favor of the common man and less to do with one unelected figure head, this idea came to fruition after being governed by a monarchy for generations.
  3. The middle colonies had multiple motives for founding, as well as religious and social composition and political development creating a very diverse place to live.

2.   What efforts were made to strengthen English control over the colonies in the 1600’s, and why did they generally fail?
King Charles II took an active and aggressive method in controlling the colonies using...