Approriate Behaviour

1. A) Explain why it is important to promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others.
As students potentially come from a very diverse background, with different beliefs, cultures, and needs, it becomes vitally important to create an environment that generates a good atmosphere, where they and their Teacher or Trainer can feel at ease in a space allowing everyone attending to express their opinions and ask questions without fear of reprisal and ridicule.
With this in mind it becomes important to establish some basic ground rules to avoid any animosity within the classroom environment. To encourage decency and fairness everyone should be aware that any inappropriate behavior, discrimination or inequality will not be tolerated and challenged immediately. This will create a safe and relaxed environment allowing students to be more focused and able to participate, allowing them to voice that all important question and to be generally more involved with proceedings. (REECE and WALKER, 2003) recognize that
“Careful planning should ensure that students are challenged appropriately with relevant learning activities. This should ensure that motivation is high. However, some post – 16 student groups are not mature enough to fully respond to this situation. When this happens you need to have a protocol; a code of practice”.
(Reece and Walker 2003) go on to state
“The following guide lines have been found to be useful:
• Set acceptable standards for work.
• Set high standards of behavior and apply rules fairly and firmly.
• Give respect and accept respect.
• Treat everyone as an individual.
• Relationships are important so take the initiative and for everyone.
• Greet and be greeted.
• Speak and be spoken to.
• Smile and relate.
• Communicate.
• Students often try to see “how far they can go”. Be prepared for this and be consistent and clear.
• All classes present problems: success is achieved by the way we deal with problems”.

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