Application of Belt Conveyor in Mine Equipment Transport

in Mineral production, transport mining equipment is an important issue Raymond Mill. Forms of transport mining equipment there are many, such as motor transport, railway transport, cable transport, belt conveyor and so on. Among them, the belt conveyor is a common form of transportation. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the belt conveyors used in mining equipment transport.

conveyor divided into common type and special type two categories. Special type can be divided into steel cord conveyor, rope pulling belt conveyor, rubber drive belt conveyors, linear friction drive belt conveyor belt conveyor and displacing other types.

achieve a continuous belt conveyor during transport. It has a transmission capacity, strong climbing performance, simple operation, safe, reliable, high degree of automation, easy maintenance equipment maintenance, compared with the automobile, rail transport, can shorten the transport distance, reduce costs, reduce energy consumption and other outstanding features. In the mining depth, a long distance transport, ore and rock mining large volume, high-strength belt conveyor is an ideal means of transport.

car or rail conveyor with mating, usually through the Crushing Transfer Station, forming a joint transport system for stope to plant, stope to the ore dump and other transportation services. Crushing Transfer Station can be divided into fixed and semi-fixed and mobile three types. Usually the ore bin, feeding, crushing and discharging the device. Its combined transport ore stope process is by car or rail transport to crushing ore bin, after the crusher discharge qualified fragmentation, transported by the conveyor processing plant and waste dump Raymond Mill.

transportation of materials according to the nature and the local climatic conditions, the choice of conveyor line open, semi-open, fully enclosed type, or other measures to stamp only on the drive station. But must ensure that the requirements of normal...