Apple Computer, Inc.: Maintaining the Music Business
while Introducing iPhone and Apple TV

In reading this case about Apple and looking at the questions that needed to be answered for this assignment I learned a lot.   First and foremost I learned that Apple has an exceptionally good thing going and whatever it is that causes them to continue to have one success after another is exactly what they need to continue to do.   They are an amazing company and have made people able to sink together those digital parts of their lives from banking, music, entertainment and communication.   They have made major advancements in their company moving them from just a personal computer based company to those consumers on the higher end of the spending levels to having products that are easy to use for those new into the technological environment and having them be at a cost that is reachable for a larger consumer base.

Apple had a part of the computer market share but nothing that was going to allow for dominance in the personal computer market by any stretch of the imagination. While their products where and continue to be amazing the pricing on their personal computers still puts them in the highest reaches for the regular consumer.   In order for them to stay relevant and find new ways to reach a larger customer base both in products and pricing they were going to have to take their business model and go vertical.  
Apple needed to continue to produce the products that it was currently so successful at and where it had and still has an exceptionally loyal customer base.   They needed to do this while coming up with new and innovative ways to reach more customers, come up with new technology and once again amaze the world with their brilliance.   In the article that this paper is being written about from our book, Steve Jobs, stated what his plans for the company in the future where, to make Mac “the hub of [the consumers’] digital lifestyle.”  
Once again,...