Marren Schwartz

Draft 1

16 April 2010

Definition Essay: Success

          Success.   Success is applied differently to all people. When you think about success a person may think of someone achieving something in school or being named a state champion in athletics .But, what about the little successes. Today all that people look at is who is the best and never look at the big picture. Success is measured differently by everyone. For parents it might be watching their child go to their first day of school. Small successes are sometimes looked are as not being important. But, I remember when I first saw my nephew swallow his first pill. He had been trying to do this for months and when he finally was able to swallow that pill he felt that he had just conquered the world, but to me I really did not believe that was such a tremendous feet.   This is an example of how in today‚Äôs society the little success is over looked.

        When I think of success, I think of winning a state championship in basketball. To me, success has always been defined as achieving something. The little successes have never been recognized by my family. In my family my parents made it a point when I was growing to teach my brother and me if you are not first your last. So, being the best has been permanently imprinted in my life. In addition to sports, grades have also been something I needed to succeed in. the reason for this is that I would like to play basketball at the next level.   I remember one Monday night that I came home from school and my dad was sitting at the table. He told me that we needed to talk about my grades. My dad told me granted my grades may be good for the teachers, but my grades just were not up to his standards. Grades were something that I had to achieve and when I did I thought I had just conquered the world. This may have not been as big to someone else because they may have not struggeled in it. This is example of why all the time I am...