Apple Sauce; Enzyme Lab

Apple Sauce & Enzyme Lab

Page 2-Introduction Paragraph/Materials/Procedures

Enzymes are proteins that speed up chemical reactions in a cell. An enzyme works by binding to one or more specific molecules and reactants or substrates. Binding occurs at the active site. Three examples of enzymes are….                                                                                                         1.Carbohydrase= enzymes acting on carbohydrates                                                                           2.Proteases= enzymes acting on proteins                                                                                               3.lipases= enzymes acting on lipids                                                                                                     The purpose of this lab was to find most efficient way to produce “Apple Juice” from applesauce using different combinations of cellulose and pectinase. The independent variables were the enzymes, cellulose, and pectinase. The dependent variable was the “Apple juice Produced”. The controls were the amount of applesauce used, amount of enzymes used and time enzymes had to produce the apple juice. In my option, if pectinase is mixed with applesauce, then more juice will be produced.
The materials used included two 10mL graduated cylinder, two plastic cups, four coffee filters, two funnels, ten drops of cellulose, and ten drops of pectinase. We also used a triple beam balance, 200 grams of applesauce, spoons, water, paper towels, and a clock
To complete this lab, we first weighed 50 grams of apple sauce into clear plastic cup. Then we repeated step 1. We added 10 drops of water using a pipette to the applesauce, and stirred for 15 seconds. We, then, added 10 drops of enzymes 1 to the applesauce and stirred for 15 seconds. We set up the filter, funnel, and cylinder as demonstrated, then, added applesauce to the filter, and allowed it to sit for 5 minutes. Then, we measured the...