Appendix B

Upstream Component
Internal Component
Manufacturing) Downstream Component

This supply chain indicates that sourcing and procurement are made from external suppliers.   Hewlett Packard is the main supplier that Warner Brothers use.   HP gives a media digital complete package of hardware and software.   HP is designed and developed a high performance storage package for Warner Brothers that allows them to work at high speeds.
This supply chain is the packaging and manufacturing and assembly take place.   Warner changed to a digital business in response to the trend that customers demonstrated for digital media.   Warner makes both film and digital versions of all their movies.   These are the types of formats that the movies come in, DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray. This supply involves distribution through external means.   Warner moved to digital distribution in the form of broadband communication links, high definition like HDTV.   Warner has digitalized Six thousand movies.   There is an online website that allows people to download these popular cartoons.

Choose one of these components and make a recommendation for an improvement to that area of the supply chain. Explain your reasoning for the change.
I noted that Warner relies on Hewlett-Packard as a supplier for many aspects of their business technical operators.   I could say that the upstream component could be improved. The supply chain is “the flow of material, information, money, and services from material suppliers, through factories and warehouses to the stop customers. The three supply components, upstream, international and downstream are all used in Warner’s operations.