Apogerian Nation

The nation of Park Tudor was created when the Apogerian tribe, one of the last tribes left on the earth after an apocalyptic event occurred, found an ancient book from the 21st century. In 2311 the Apogerians left Africa in search of a land where they could survive. They traveled to the Great Northern Land Mass across the Great Oceana Atlantica to the land where corn, soybeans and cattle continued to thrive and other peoples from other lands who survived the Killer Bee Apocalypse began to settle.
The Apogerians explored the flat lands where the corn grew tall and discovered the Significant Book at a place where the remnant of a sign said “ Co_leg_ and   _ _ St. Street.” It was Umnopo the Wise of the Apogerians who found the Great Book clutched in the skeleton arms of someone named Bryce X. It was found buried among artifacts of the 21st century. Bryce X’s teachings in his book became the foundation for building and creating the nation of Park Tudor.
Bryce X became the Apogerian messiah and the people who survived the apocalypse followed his teachings about Park Tudor. They did not know that Bryce was a fourteen-year-old boy attending the middle school of Park Tudor School and that his book was the school handbook. The Apogerians mistranslated many words from Bryce X’s Book. Here is the original slate with their translations:

They named their nation the Republic of Park Tudor. Bryce X was like Jesus to the Apogerians. The book was like the Bible and they based their political, religious, economic, and moral standards on what they considered the teachings of Bryce X about the Ancient Park Tudor.
The Republic of Park Tudor School was divided into three Neighborhoods where the citizens were housed based on age. The Upper neighborhood consisted of the oldest people who were 40 years old and above. The Middle neighborhood was made up of citizen’s ages 13 to 40 who were young adults. The Lower neighborhood contained children from birth to age 13. Faculty or teachers...