During times of isolation, the true inner evil comes out to help us survive. In both the Heart of Darknesss
and Apocolypse now, there are prime examples of what can truely happen during times of severe isolation and
entrapment from our own culture. Different types of fear and evil affect people suffering from the chaos of
being alone. Our inner savage culture comes out to help us survive and do whatever we can to get our essential
needs. Overall, in these certain and rare hardships of life, we let this evil get the best of us.

In Apocolypse now, the journey along the river causes the darkness of the unknown. The unknown can make us
paranoid about what is going on in our surroundings. When we are unsure about certain things, we tend to
judge what is going on or what is going to happen. Paranoia gets the ultimate best of us and creates a darkness
that can defeat us. During the movie, when the natives were throwing the wooden spears, the fear of the unknown
created a bad outcome. Instead of thinking, the men on the boat immediately began shooting, without knowning the
spears were just to scare them. This created a darkness that resulted in a real spear going through one of the
fellow shipmen's chest.

Being isolated from your own culture, can be one of the worst darkness ever experienced. Like Kurtz, being isolated
can result sometimes in loosing your mind. Without having people around, you begin to feel lonely, which is the
worst feeling for anyone. Isolation can lead to death in most cases, but in Apocolypse Now, Kurtz was killed.