Aphrodite: the Passionate Goddess

Mythology has been a very important aspect to the Greek society. It was their way of explaining the unknown. Greeks attributed many human characteristics to Gods and Goddesses. For example they explained love by creating the Goddess Aphrodite. Her impressive beauty, charisma, irresistible seduction, powerful sexuality, and happiness that Aphrodite radiates make her the most passionate Goddess of all. (Greek Mythology. com).
Aphrodite is known as the most charismatic Goddess and she is known for being the most beautiful of all Goddesses. Aphrodite’s beauty was demonstrated when she was named the prettiest goddess by Paris, a Trojan prince. She was named over Hera and Athena who tried to bribe the prince with power and victory over battles, but Aphrodite gave the prince the love of the most beautiful woman in the world, so she won (Dean 1). Aphrodite was so beautiful that she has had artistic representations. Connie Paris describes the influence of Aphrodite in art like this:
“Though vanity played a great part in Aphrodite's life, she is most often depicted in portraits with her mirror in her toilet. But unlike the dignified beauty of the Olympian goddesses, Aphrodite's beauty was truly feminine. Many artists have tried to depict various women as Aphrodite; it was a way to show their own personal feeling towards the woman, by giving them goddess qualities.”( Paris)
There has also been immortal works of art inspired by her. “Aphrodite's beauty and passionate search for love, even when it led to heartbreak, has inspired countless people and generations of artists to follow in her footsteps. In that quest, immortal works of art and life have sometimes been created.”(Goddess Cards).
Aphrodite is not only charismatic and beautiful; she also emits an irresistible seduction and her powerful sexuality. Aphrodite was the Goddess that all Gods desired. She was married with Hephaestus the god of metalworking and he was the steadiest of the gods. Because Hephaestus was the...