Apa Professional Knowledge and Abilities

The purpose of this paper is to explain how developing professional knowledge and abilities affect career success.  

How learning brings academic and life success:
Building important study skills promotes success in college, job and life. It strengthens the will to learn because of ones understanding of the value of education, and being aware of who one is as a learner makes knowledge accessible and open the door to lifelong learning.
Developing ways to manage ones learning and monitoring ones progress, results to greater personal responsibility and flexibility to adapt to change.

Skills acquired:
Setting goals – map out, work hard, achieve academic goals. Accomplish work tasks, achieve job and personal goals.
Managing time- finish work tasks on or before they are due, balance duties on the job and at home.
Knowing and using your learning styles – select jobs, careers and pursuits that suit what you do best, function effectively in a work team.
Critical and creative thinking – find ways to perform responsibilities at peak levels, analyze relationships that affect you, communicate effectively to reach ur goals and actions that move u forward.
Reading, note taking, test taking writing, quantitative learning and establishing and maintaining a personal mission

-Will and self awareness open the door to lifelong learning.   Your self awareness combined with an understanding of your learning style and the strategies that suit that style best, will help u work toward ur academic goals in ways that prove most effective for you.   Being   a motivated life long learner will allow u to ride the waves of change, remaining able to manage and achieve your evolving career and personal goals.
-To feed your will to learn continue to develop your self-knowledge, ask questions and be open to new ideas in ways like the following:
Investigate new interests; Do not base your decisions on what you used to know as the world continues