Ap Lang Summer Project

Summer Reading Project

“Bail at $2 million for armed man arrested in Seattle”
by: Donna Gordon Blankinship
Donna Gordon Blankinship, author of the article “Bail at $2 million for armed man arrested in Seattle” (July 6), suggests that there is a connection between Brazilian protestors and American citizens. Blankinship supports this because of the connection she makes between Jasper, the man under arrest, and the protestors of Brazil. Blankinship uses this connection between Jasper and Brazilian protestors in order to show that Brazilian citizens are in a time of need. The authors intended audience is the citizens of the United States, but she does a poor job at appealing to them because of the lack of rhetorical technique or literary devices.
The one question that arose after reading this article is, “What did Jasper want to accomplish?” Jasper’s intentions were very unclear because of the lack of information the author fails to provide. I believed that Jasper was trying to send a message about the grievances protestors were experiencing in Brazil, but there isn’t enough evidence or information to come to that conclusion. Blankinship did a poor job with trying to make her article appealing to her audience. Her lack of literary techniques and rhetorical devices made it difficult to stay focused on reading the article. This also caused her writing to be very dull and boring to the point where I was falling asleep. This article lacked many elements that are essential to creating an interesting article. It lacked rhetorical techniques and literary devices that make the article that much more interesting. Also, the way Blankinship organized her article made it even more difficult to understand. Her paragraphs weren’t in chronological order, or at least in an order in which the paragraphs made sense. This un-organization made it difficult to understand and it lead to the author repeating or saying unnecessary things. Reading this article was unpleasant. If Donna...