Ap European

                              Renaissance Lives by Theodore Rabb

Both A.P. European History and World History II students will read and answer questions on Renaissance Lives by Theodore Rabb. You are encouraged to use a dictionary, textbook, and/or reliable internet sources (e.g. Encyclopedia Britannica) in order to reference unfamiliar historical information. Only the first six chapters are assigned for summer reading, but the remaining ones will be covered in the first semester of class. The book uses the lives of famous (and in some cases not-so-famous) people to paint a picture of the time period known as the Renaissance. This period in European History lasted from roughly 1350 to 1550 and was characterized by a “rebirth” of Greek and Roman culture, a more secular worldview, and more of an individualistic society. It was largely an intellectual and artistic movement which began in Italy but later spread throughout Europe. The A.P. Test and the first part of World History II focus heavily on this time period as it includes not only the Renaissance, but the Age of Exploration, the Protestant Reformation, and the Scientific Revolution. Renaissance Lives covers all of the above in addition to more general themes, such as economic and cultural history.

      Directions – for A.P. European History and World History II students
          • At the beginning of each chapter, the author gives an overview of the main ideas which he is going to discuss. In your own words, you must summarize it in a sentence or two.
          • As you read each chapter, you must give a brief biographical sketch of each person featured in the first six chapters – Petrarch, Jan Hus, Titian, Albrecht Durer, Thomas Platter, Teresa of Avila, Michel de Montaigne, Catherine de’ Medici, Walter Ralegh, and Galileo Galilei.
          • Finally, you must provide specific and relevant information from the book which the author uses to illustrate...