While I am conducting this project, I found out a lot of information about index. I have learnt how the used of index   in our daily life.Apart from that, this project encourages the students to work together and share their knowledge. After all, sharing is caring. It also teaches the students to improve thinking skills,promote effective mathematical communication and encourage students to use the internet for good use like gather information for project like this.Moreover, I have learned some moral values that I practice. This project taught me to be responsible on the works that that are given to me to be completed. This project also disciplines me to be on time, which I was given about three weeks to complete this project and pass up to my teacher just in time. It has also made me feel more confident about myself to do works and not to give up easily when we could not find the solution for the question, because when there is a will, there is a way. You always have family, friends, teacher and internet to help you. I also enjoy doing this project. I spend my time doing useful work with my friends to complete this project and it had tighten our friendship and I have realize that Additional Mathematics is not as boring and uninviting like I have always thought it is.Finally yet importantly, I proposed this project should be continue for the following years because it teaches a lot of moral value to the students and also test the students understanding in Additional Mathematics.

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