Antigone Talk Show

Antigone Talk Show
(Live from Hades)

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ANNOUNCER: Live today from Hades for a special interview with some of the Royal Family of Thebes …. Doctor Phil
DR. PHIL: Our first guest on the show today is ANTIGONE, here to tell her account of the events that led to her death.
Enter ANTIGONE set right (Audience Claps), sits next to DR. PHIL.
DR. PHIL: Welcome to the show Antigone! The people of Thebes have been very interested on how you have been since you passed. So tell us, how are you?
ANTIGONE: Haemon and I have been doing very well since we arrived in Hades, we reunited with the rest of our families and settled in well.
DR. PHIL: I am sure that makes everyone in Thebes happy that you are doing so well. I also bet that they are eager to hear your account of those days before you left Thebes.
ANTIGONE: It started when I heard that my brother was not going to be buried properly I decided it was my responsibility to see to it, just as he would have for me. I knew that there was a great risk involved by if I had not, he would not be here with me now.
Camera shows Polyneices in the audience.
DR. PHIL: It sounds like you made a logical decision to me, but then Creon became angry with your actions. Did you expect Creon to sentence you to death for what you did?
ANTIGONE: I believed that Creon would not have killed me because it would have brought on bad luck to our family, I thought that I would be punished, but not left in a tomb to starve to death.
DR. PHIL: Neither did the rest of Thebes, what happened next?
ANTIGONE: He went against the advice of the people of Thebes and left me in a tomb to starve to death. After they left I decided not to accept the agony and hung myself.
(Audience Gasps)
DR. PHIL: Very interesting… When we come back, we have another guest joining us to tell us their account.
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ANNOUNCER: And now back to Dr. Phil, brought to you by Celestial Bronze Incorporated.
Camera returns to center set, DR....