Antigone Creons Tragic Flaws

Creon’s Tragic Flaws
A noble king, who possessed very unadmirable qualities were he caused mass chaos throughout the entire city that led to his very own downfall. In this case, this is what happens to Creon in the play Antigone by Sophocles in the time of the Ancient Greeks. Creon has too many weaknesses in the play that made him a very ineffective leader. This is why Creon is a king for a remarkably short period of time. Creon’s unfavorable qualities were that he was feared by his inferiors, does not follow advice, and he is stubborn.
First and foremost, one of Creon’s main traits that make him a poor leader is that he rules by fear over the people of Thebes. One example, of this is when the Sentry comes in and brings Creon the bad news of the perpetrator Creon says “You shall be raked and tortured till you tell/ the whole truth of this outrage; so you may learn.” Creon mentions that if the sentry does not find whoever has done this then he will be beaten to death and suffer the consequences. This is why they had to draw straws because they were all afraid of Creon. Moving on, another repeated example throughout the play was that the people of Thebes think that what Antigone did was very courageous and honorable. This is an example between Creon and Haemon: Creon “And was this woman’s action dishonorable” Haemon” The people of Thebes think not”(423). This quote is saying that the people of Thebes agree with Antigone but are too scared to confront Creon himself. Overall, ruling by fear is not the way to become and effective leader which Creon shows us.
On the contrary, another quality of Creon that makes him an ineffective leader is that he does not follow advice. All the advice given in the story was given to help Creon but he just chooses to ignore the advice. One major example in this story is in the discussion between Creon and Haemon, Haemon says; “That sight I’ll never see. Nor from this hour /shall you see me again. Let those that will/ be witness of...